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The passion behind

oro station

Oro Station began as a childhood dream born from a love of classic cars and vintage racing. Through the evolution of automotive industry, the need for a new automotive innovation facility became apparent. Oro Station will provide a unique setting to celebrate the ingenuity of automotive culture, both the past and future. 


The campus will be an intellectual hub, a place where expertise and creative minds meet. Engineers, designers, fabricators and students will utilize the facility and its advanced technology to develop and test their concepts for the next generation of transportation. 


Through events and on-track experiences, manufacturers will have a venue to engage with customers and showcase their technology. From museums and restoration garages to interactive displays of new technology, Oro Station will provide an experience that is part entertainment, part education and all automotive.


The dedicated team of developers, engineers, designers and motorsport professionals have been working alongside the Provincial, Regional and Municipal governments to deliver a world class facility here in Ontario. Subscribe below for more information and to keep updated on the development of this incredible project. 


Oro Station is committed to sustainable development as a guiding principle within our work. The project will be developed in accordance with the FIA Environmental Accreditation guidelines in pursuit of a 3 star Sustainability Accreditation upon opening. 

Respect for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of this commitment and is ingrained in our design and construction processes for the Oro Station campus. Furthermore Oro Station aims to be an active partner in the research and development of a more sustainable automotive future. 

Our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment through intelligent planning, use of local resources and implementation of an Environmental Management System.

For more information on Oro Station including media inquiries, commercial leasing opportunities and general information please click the button below to reach a representative. 


Designed with passion

Driven International’s experience in the niche field of automotive venue design combined with their fresh-thinking approach and process made them our preferred design partner for Oro Station.


Their design team is formed of experienced and qualified directors, creatives, architects, engineers, technicians and venue operators who all share a passion for motorsport.


Our Team

Geoffrey Campbell

Daniel Gallo

Alexis DerosA

Amanda Troupe

Blair pallopson

wesley Campbell

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