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Ontario is the preeminent jurisdiction for automotive manufacturing in North America yet it does not have a business park facility centred around innovation and technological excellence in motorsport and transportation technology. The automotive sector was responsible for $64.4 billion worth of international exports in 2016, fully one third of the province’s total, producing upwards of $201 million per day in automotive output. The Canadian automotive sector is undergoing a rapid evolution. Oro Station is the catalyst to the future of automotive innovation in Ontario.

Oro Station is a multi-use facility that will join an automotive business park with motorsport road course and club. The park will be home to premier engineering, education, supply, design and manufacturing businesses that will benefit from the track facility for testing, design, development, marketing, events, tourism etc. The business park and motorsport club will provide the opportunity for like-minded individuals and companies to foster a community centred around the art and joy of the automobile

innovation, heritage, education. 

fast facts

EMPLOYMENT: 40 acres dedicated to automotive manufacturing with focus on research and development

AUTONOMOUS: Vehicle testing in highway environment in all-season weather, with the ability to replicate highway speed and traffic on the motor circuit.

TECHNOLOGY: SmartCity technology systems including lighting, Internet of Things, fibre optic infrastructure

MOTORSPORT: Workshops for professional and customer race teams (Pure McLaren, Porsche GT Cup, Ferrari Challenge, Audi TCR) with access to the motor circuit allowing for immediate testing


MANUFACTURERS: Experience centre buildings for global manufacturers. Experiential marketing opportunities are the future of vehicle sales

COMMERCIAL/RETAIL: Car museums, bespoke restoration and craftsman workshops, and restaurant overlooking circuit. 


ENERGY: Solar/hydro generated power within the area provide attraction to electric vehicle design and development including opportunities for alternative fuel testing and development

Through our partnership with Georgian College, Oro Station will provide a unique opportunity to engage students in multiple faculties and career streams. 

Students will learn the nuances of the automotive sector through experiential marketing, technology and innovation, business and skilled trade programs.

As the automotive future evolves, companies  must rise  to the challenge of commercializing new technology.​

Onsite 44 kilovolt power distribution and FTTx fibre optic networks provide critical infrastructure for over 200,000 square feet of research and development labs. As we continue to strive toward an electric vehicle future, connected infrastructure, smart roadways and autonomous vehicles, Oro Station will be the domain of automotive innovation.

As we build for the future we respect the past. The ingenuity of the automobile and its history is celebrated at Oro Station through its community.  

From race and performance mechanics, to restorers and specialists, our complex will be home to artisan trades working to keep our automotive art on the road with more than 160,000 square feet of tailored workshops. 

For more information on Oro Station including media inquiries, commercial leasing opportunities and general information please click the button below to reach a representative. 




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