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For more information on Bexley Motor Club and to apply for membership please click below to reach a membership representative. 


fueled by passion,
driven by adrenaline

Bexley is the place where car enthusiasts can share their passion, enhance their driving skills and indulge in an environment that caters to their love of classic cars and motorsports. 

Overlooking a multi-configuration purpose built 4.1 km motor circuit, designed to entertain drivers at every level, Bexley Motor Club will be the cornerstone of the wider Oro Station development. 

Members will build the foundation and pillars of our community, and as such will have opportunities to experience all facets of the surrounding Oro Station development, including the use of the clubhouse facilities and access to our track, as well as driver training and guests services tailored for unique members experiences.

Members can also engage in a range of activities including automotive innovation and education classes and future mobility workshops. Opportunities to collaborate with leading engineers, manufacturers and technology companies will be part of life at Bexley.

store, drive,
service, support

The Bexley Carcierge service provides a mix of vehicle storage options to meet your preferences, while offering regular maintenance and vehicle preparation to make sure your down time can be spent enjoying the facilities and
the circuit.

The club will feature access to professional coaching, data analysis, human performance coaching and technical vehicle advice to help hone your driving skills and mechanical understanding, if you wish.

Our attention to detail, love for the industry and thorough understanding of the automobile enthusiast allows for a level of care not typically found at other car clubs.

service & amenities

  • 4.1 km Motor Circuit

  • Skid Pad and Dynamics Zone

  • Members Clubhouse and Lounge

  • Exclusive Circuit Access

  • Vehicle Storage

  • Private Garages and Car Barns

  • Carcierge

  • Changing and Locker Room

  • Pro Shop

  • Fitness Centre

  • Bar and Dining Area

  • 24/7 Security

  • Maintenance and Technical Support

  • Detailing Service

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