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ORO-MEDONTE, ON (July 14, 2021) - Oro Station is thrilled to announce that it has received design approval of its proposed 4km track layout following a review by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The design review included an assessment of the track layout, safety installations, and proposed medical facilities by the FIA’s circuit safety commission based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The approval marks a significant milestone for the project, allowing local civil engineers and contractors to begin planning the execution of the circuit designed by UK firm Driven International, which is expected to be operational in 2023. The FIA have appointed an inspector who will work with the Oro Station team to complete onsite inspections prior to issuing the license at circuit completion. “The FIA Grade 3 design approval of Oro Station is a positive step in the ASN Canada’s mission to grow motorsports in our country,” said François Dumontier, President of Sports Development Group (ASN Canada). “The addition of a new sanctioned motor circuit will provide new opportunities for the motorsport industry to grow in Ontario."

Oro Station is developing its operational procedures which will align with the FIA’s sustainability program, allowing the venue to work towards becoming the first circuit in North America to achieve FIA Environmental Accreditation. “As the automotive future evolves, companies must rise to the challenge of commercializing new technology,” said Geoffrey Campbell, Founder and Managing Partner of Oro Station. “We are grateful for the opportunity to create the necessary infrastructure to reach the sustainability goals that we as an industry are striving for. Oro Station will provide a home for new automotive technology to be created, tested, and refined through motorsport research and development.”

Oro Station would like to thank François Dumontier and his team at Sports Development Group (GDS), the FIA’s officially appointed motorsport National Sporting Authority in Canada, for their ongoing assistance and pro-active engagement in supporting its project and licensing processes. “We are proud of the work that our consulting team has accomplished and humbled by the support of the community, government and motorsports stakeholders,” said Daniel Gallo, Chairman of Oro Station.


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