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ORO-MEDONTE, ON (September 7, 2021) Ettractive and Oro Station are excited to announce that Ettractive will be expanding in Oro-Medonte at Oro Station’s automotive innovation campus.

Ettractive is an automotive hardware and software development company that helps global manufacturers take advantage of EV and autonomous technology. Their focus is to pave the way for operators to reduce their costs and emissions, while building the Canadian EV, autonomous and Automobility sector.

Ettractive is a key partner of APMA’s Project Arrow, Canada’s electric car development program. Ettractive will leverage its many years of OEM development experience to develop the electronic and digital integration of the Project Arrow vehicle including autonomous driving systems and infotainment displays as well as the body control functions and interior amenities.

“The vision of Oro Station is to incorporate both the passion for our automotive past and the excitement for its future” Geoffrey Campbell, Managing Partner at Oro Station. “Ettractive is an important partner to drive automotive innovation and sustainability at the campus and we are looking forward to seeing them grow within our community.”

“Expanding our footprint to be on site at Oro Station is an easy decision for us. The team at Ettractive are car people and motorsports fans, so having this opportunity to be on-site at an incredible new venue was a must for us,” said Pat Troy, Co-Founder of Ettractive. “We are very excited to become part of the business community that the Oro Station team is cultivating.”

Oro Station will provide a location to not just build and convert performance and classic vehicles to electric power, but also to develop the vehicle dynamics for on-track performance, bringing the highest level of vehicle electrification and performance to Ontario. Oro Station will be a space for Ettractive to integrate into this new technological hub, bringing them closer to both customers and suppliers.


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