Introducing The circuit

The 4.1 km circuit layout and masterplan was conceived by Driven International through a series of site walks, drives and hand sketches with the designers pin pointing interesting sections of the property.


These plans have since been digitized, engineered, and simulated, culminating in a track layout that utilizes the rolling topography of the site, and winds its way through the natural landscape.


Oro Station Motor Circuit will be a signature track for Canada, distinctly recognizable with the hallmarks of a traditional European circuit, designed specifically for modern GT and vintage racing. The circuit will be a venue that both amateurs and enthusiasts can enjoy, and professional drivers will continue to try and master.

Bexley Motor Club Brochure - Track Map.j

CIRCUIT details

The Oro Station Motor Circuit can be driven in a variety of configurations. Additional driving facilities next to the Motor Circuit include a dynamics pad, irrigated skid pad and kick-plate, allowing for a range of automotive testing applications. 


The Oro Station Motor Circuit will be efficiently operated by a comprehensive digital control system installed across the entire course. Timing, video and radio systems feed into a central Race Control where officials can follow all track activity, and can communicate with drivers via track signal lighting. This technology infrastructure will allow for the future expansion of sensor and data systems to support automotive research and testing.



4.1 km | 16 corners

The full Oro Station Motor Circuit is the layout to be homologated by the FIA, with run-off areas and barriers designed in line with FIA grade 3 guidelines.


North Circuit | 1.5 km | 8 corners
South Circuit | 2.3 km | 10 corners


Link sections connecting the two parallel straights enable two shorter configurations to be driven simultaneously. This creates a North Circuit and South Circuit. The longer version of the South Circuit uses the north link, and the long sweeping variation of T10.


North Circuit | 1.7 km | 8 corners
South Circuit | 1.9 km | 10 corners


The shorter version of the South Circuit uses the south link which re-joins at the hairpin variation of Turn 10, feeding back into the main circuit shortly afterwards. The North Circuit becomes slightly longer in this format.





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